Next step toward the ‘real world’

There comes a time in every college student’s life when they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully). After several years of schooling and bouts of indecision, I’m finally in a major that I love, and I’m learning valuable skills that are preparing me for an industry that feels like it’s finally within my reach.

My journey to this point has been a long one and there were times that I thought I’d never be able to graduate from BYU. I’m not yet graduated but the path is laid out and the road is clear for what I need to do to reach that end goal.

I started BYU as a music major emphasizing in violin performance. After a few semesters, I came to the conclusion that violin performance was not what I wanted to study while in college. I looked around at a few other majors and ended up in BYU’s School of Communications as a news media major.

Now that I’ve been developing my skills and starting to build my resume I have enough material to create a website to display what I’ve been learning and the work that I’ve created.

It’s been quite the adventure setting up this website, but it’s sure been a great experience and while I do have work to display, I also realize that there’s a lot more I need to learn and produce to add to the content on this website.

I hope you’ll take a look around and get to know me and my work a little bit better.

Happy Adventures!


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